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Wheel Service

In our Wheel Service, our mechanics will give your wheels the attention they need. Keeping your wheels serviced is vital to the smooth running of your bicycle and helps to avoid the minor wheel ailments that build up over riding time. Within the service we will look after the wheels themselves and the internal workings of the hubs to make sure that are returned to factory standard.
The Wheel Service includes all of the following:
·         Full bike inspection and report
·         Wheels wiped and cleaned
·         Hubs stripped, bearings checked, cleaned, greased or replaced where required
          (cost of cartridge bearings not included)
·         Wheel alignment and spoke tension checked and adjusted
·         Broken spokes replaced where possible 
·         Tyres checked and inspected for damage and wear
·         Tyres replaced if required (parts not included

Additional labour charges (only if required)
·         Full wheel rebuild £30 per wheel
·         Tubeless set up for road or MTB £12 per wheel

When do you need a Wheel Service?
As the main contact point with the road or trail, the wheels really take the brunt of the terrain. Be it pot holes, roots or just everyday use, it is common for wheels to lose spoke tension, snap spokes or for hubs to stop spinning smoothly. I would generally recommend you choose a Wheel Service.
·         If your spokes feel loose, you have some broken spokes or your brakes are rubbing intermittently
·         If your hubs feel rough or there is play in the wheel itself
·         After winter to ensure your bike is restored and ready for spring
·         At least every 12-18 Months