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Gear Service

Our Gear Service is a full strip down and rebuild of the drivetrain of your bicycle. Our mechanics will clean, check and lubricate all the parts and recommend any replacement parts required. The aim is to ensure that your bicycle is returned to you with the drivetrain looking and operating as close to brand new as possible.
The Gear Service includes all of the following:
·         Full bike inspection and report
·         Gear cables checked for stretch and wear
·         Chain checked for stretch and wear
·         Chain and derailleurs removed and cleaned
·         Chain replacement if required (cost of chain not Included)
·         Cable replacement if required (cost of cables not included)
·         Parts refitted and lubricated
·         Gears fully re-indexed
·         Di Software updated

Additional labour charges (only if required, cost of parts not included):
·         Cassette replacement - £10
·         Chainset replacement - £10
·         Bottom bracket replacement - £10

When do you need a Gear Service?
Servicing your gears is a bit like a car service, if it is done regularly it will reduce wear and tear and ensure that your bike runs smoothly for longer.
We would recommend you choose a Gear Service.
·         If the gears on your bike are not working properly
·         If the chain is slipping, rusty or stiff
·         After winter to ensure that your bike is restored and ready for spring
·         At least once per year to reduce wear and tear and improve component life