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Frame Service

Our Frame Service is specifically designed to focus on the parts of a bike that are often ignored by all but the most expensive services. If a bike is making noise or feels a bit rough, it is quite often due to problems with the bottom bracket or headset. In our Frame Service, our mechanics will check, clean and lubricate all the key moving parts of the frame.
The service will include the following:
·         Full bike inspection and report
·         Frame checked for alignment
·         Frame and fork drop out alignment checked
·         Fork removed, headset wiped down, bearings checked and lubricated or replaced as required (cost of bearings not i​ncluded)
·         Bottom bracket removed, bearings checked and lubricated or replaced as required (cost of bearings or new bottom bracket not included)
·         Frame cleaned and inspected for any signs of damage
·         Swing arm bearings checked for play and freedom of movement (where applicable)
Additional labour charges (only if required):
·         Full headset replacement £10
·         Full swing arm bearing replacement £20

When do you need a Frame Service?

Our Frame Service includes things that many standard services ignore. The frame is the most expensive part of a bike and the better care you take of its moving parts, the longer your bike will last. I would recommend you choose a Frame Service if going away for long trip or a MTB weekend away, there is only so far you can go with your crank hanging off!
·         If the bottom bracket or headset feels rough or loose
·         If your bike is making creaking or clicking noises. 
·         After winter to ensure that your bike is restored and ready for spring
·         At least every 12 to 18 months.