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Brake Service

Maintaining your brakes is one of the most important things you can do for your bike. Our Brake Service is specifically targeted at ensuring that your brakes work reliably when you need them. Whether you have V-brakes, cable disc brakes or a hydraulic system our mechanics will inspect, clean, service and adjust your brakes to optimise performance.

The Brake Service includes all of the following:
·         Full bike inspection and report
·         Brake cables checked for stretch and wear or hoses checked for wear and tear
·         Pad condition and wear checked and pads replaced if required (cost of pads not included)
·         Braking surfaces checked and cleaned, and rotors measured and checked for trueness
·         Cables replaced where required (cost of cables not included) or brake system bled or topped up as necessary (brake fluid free of            charge)
·         Full calliper alignment
·         Full brake set up and adjustment
Additional labour charges (only if required)
·         Full calliper and lever replacement £10

When do you need a Brake Service?
Our Brake Service is great value for a reason – we think that getting your brakes checked regularly is really important to keep your bike safe.
We  would recommend you choose a Brake Service.
·         If your brakes lack stopping power
·         If your brakes feel spongy, rough or soft
·         If your brakes are making excessive noise 
·         At least once per year to ensure they are safe